Funding Principles

The Fritz Henkel Stiftung is not only an operating foundation that pursues its goals by programs of its own, but also a funding foundation that enables others to develop and implement projects and initiatives that meet social needs in Germany and abroad.

Third-Party Projects

As a funding foundation, we are always open to new project ideas and funding proposals. They must complement our focus areas and existing funding instruments. The project goals must be specified clearly.

The Fritz Henkel Stiftung is named by the projects we fund. To maintain our standards and quality assurance requirements, we evaluate the benefits of a prospective project carefully.

We publicize our funding of every project to ensure transparency and enable projects to serve as examples that inspire others to emulate our funding activities. At the end of each project, the results are assessed and evaluated against the project Goals.

What We Do Not Fund

In general, we do not fund third-party projects institutionally or to fill budget gaps. Moreover, financial aid is not provided for individual cases – such as financing the cost of a therapy program, medical care, a car, or disability aids and equipment. Inquiries of this kind will be ignored.

Fritz Henkel Stiftung’s activities are focused on fostering education, talented academics and scientists working toward solutions to the environmental, economic, and social issues in the world.

General Exclusion Criteria

  • no great building projects
  • no running infrastructure costs
  • no Projects that have been proposed in the past
  • no printing cost
  • not sustainable (no follow-up opportunities)
  • not innovative