Fritz Henkel Stiftung

The Fritz Henkel Stiftung considers itself as an operative foundation, achieving their objections through own projects as well as a supporting foundation, fostering third parties to realize foreign and local projects and initiatives in order to cope social duties.

We aim to initiate social changes and improvement with our work, whether it is made by an own project or by an aided initiative. Depending on the core element and the strategic requirements, we decide if we succeed on our own or if we cooperate with partners in order to benefit from their experience and expertise and to create the best possible.

In our role as a supportive foundation, we provide sufficient financial resources complementing existing programs in order to pursue them in innovative ways or to strengthen them regarding our core elements.

Due to the variety of projects and topics both in and outside Germany, we do not limit our granting methods. We involve various instruments achieving our mission: competitions, awards or the donation to pilot projects. The Fritz Henkel Stiftung supports mainly initiatives fitting to their core elements education, Equality of Opportunities and activities in the areas of social needs. Together with our partners we to foster social changes and improvement.