Our Approach


The Fritz Henkel Stiftung gathers and supports concepts with the aim of reducing social obstacles. We realize our projects with partners and local people, in many cases based on entrepreneurial methods.


One asset of the Fritz Henkel Stiftung is the international mission. The operational support in the areas we focus on enables us to assess social issues both from the local and international point of view. Resulting from this fact we can leverage synergies.


We are committed to a simple, transparent and clear communication about our structure, engagement, funds and sources of funds. Beyond the usual accountability, we deem that transparence is an essential´instrument in order to increases the efficacy.


Throughout the publication of an audit report including a financial report together with the control from the responsible regulatory agency, we report on the application of funds. Herein we stick to regulations which are applicable for corporate entities on comparable scale.


With great openness and frankness we report on our non-profit work, our intentions and results. We measure our impact and release cause-and-effect chains wherever possible. You can find the concrete evaluation on the project pages.

The team of the foundation as trustees of the founder`s intention

The Management, the Board of Directors and all honorary involved employees see themselves as trustees of the founder`s intention which set in the statute of the foundation. This habit is reflected in there acting and responsible work. Every team member acts altruistic and is preventing conflicts of interest and or rather reveal them unbidden.