2019, Berlin / Germany
Initiative for students of the first generation

Courage to study

ArbeiterKind.de is the largest German initiative for first generation students. Nationwide almost 6,000 volunteers are involved in 70 local ArbeiterKind.de groups. The volunteers encourage students from non-academic families to study at university and provide practical assistance in everyday life at university and when starting a career. The activities of ArbeiterKind.de on career entry mentoring have been supported by the Fritz Henkel Stiftung since November 2012. Thanks to this support, a coordination office for mentoring at ArbeiterKind.de has been established.

For many of those who are the first in their families to study, starting a career after graduation represents a further hurdle in their educational career. Important family role models and networks are often lacking for a successful entry into academic professions; the CVs of many first-time academics also often show fewer internships and stays abroad. This is where the Career Entry Mentoring of ArbeiterKind.de comes in. Students are specifically supported by the placement of working mentors. Thematic workshops and advice in the social network of ArbeiterKind.de complete the offer.