2019, Cape Town / South Africa
Vocational training for socially disadvantaged children

Hope through education and training

Girls and boys from socially disadvantaged families get hope for a better future in Sir Lawry’s Pass Village. The organization Hope and Light Community Welfare runs a school there, which in the future will accommodate up to 600 children. A new training center is currently being established there. Children with manual skills receive vocational training as mechanics, electricians, bricklayers or plumbers in addition to schooling.

In 2022, the first pupils will graduate from high school. From 2020, a dual training center similar to the one in Germany will therefore be established. The aim is to support up to 600 children in all areas and age groups.

Hope and Light stands for education, social competence, sports and musical activities for currently around 450 children. Of these, 30 children are in the orphanage, 80 to 100 children in kindergarten and 340 children and young people in the two-stage pre-school, primary and high school classes.