12.2019, Berlin / Germany
Teach First Deutschland

Promote equal opportunities

Since 2012, the Fritz Henkel Stiftung has been supporting the non-profit educational initiative Teach First Deutschland. In this way, we contribute to the successful continuation and expansion of the educational program and specifically to the social development of equal opportunities.

Teach First Deutschland aims to help ensure that every child leaves school with a degree and a firm belief in their own success. At every school, students should develop into independent young people, regardless of their social background. They should be enabled to use their potential to take on responsibility in society, guided by their strengths and interests.

Teach First Deutschland sends so-called fellows to schools in difficult environments for two years. These temporary teachers support students, help them to perform better and contribute to the development of their personal skills for their future life. The focus is always on the pupils. In the medium term, this commitment leads to better school performance. For example, the fellows, together with a teacher, teach classes in a team or in division groups and support pupils individually. They also offer learning and support services such as student companies, job application training, or sports courses. After this formative commitment, as alumni from the most diverse social positions, they continue to stand up for more educational justice and the concerns of disadvantaged pupils.

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