2019, Tecpan Chimaltenango / Guatemala
Three new classrooms improve the future prospects of the children in Tecpan Chimaltenango

Classes from bottles

The illiteracy rate among the natives of Guatemala is 40 percent. 1.6 million children have no access to regular schooling. One reason for the dilemma is that there are hardly any schools, too few classrooms and no money to build new buildings, especially in rural areas.

“Hug it forward” is an international aid organization that is primarily active in Guatemala and has developed a solution to the problem: they build classrooms from old plastic bottles that they fill with inorganic waste. This is fast, cheap – and old plastic bottles are recycled. One of these projects is supported by Henkel employees and the MIT initiative in the community of Xecoxol in the Tecpan Chimaltenango region. Three new classrooms were built there.