2019, Shanghai / China
Giving means also receiving

Care for abandoned Chinese orphans

The Shanghai Healing Home offers pre- and post-operative care for abandoned Chinese orphans with deformities such as cleft palates and jaws. There the little patients receive not only medical treatment but also loving care. For Jiawen Liu, who has actively accompanied the project for many years, the project personally means a lot: “I believe that to give is also to receive.

The Shanghai Healing Home is a non-profit nursing home that supports the local Chinese child care institutions by providing pre- and post-operative care to abandoned Chinese orphans born with surgically correctable malformations. The Shanghai Healing Home provides a home environment that meets the physical, emotional and developmental needs of our babies.

The Healing Home is a loving, safe place where the most vulnerable babies with special needs are cared for by trained nurses and medical staff. These women dedicate their time to the careful feeding and care of the babies and ensure that they reach the weight required for their operations. We provide care during and after the operation until each baby is fully recovered.