The Social Startup Pitch of the Fritz Henkel Foundation

For the second time, the Fritz Henkel Foundation is supporting founders and existing innovative projects that have set themselves the task of improving the social participation of people with a migration background and that rely on the power of art and culture to achieve this. The application period for the program runs from May 1st to June 23rd.

From all submissions, the jury selects 8 non-profit social startups or existing non-profit organizations to receive professional support through workshops and individual coaching to prepare for their pitch in early December. This enables them to further develop their offerings, specify the expansion and scaling of their projects, enhance their presentation skills, and network with each other. The result is a clear vision of the projects‘ future and a strong community driven by a common vision.

The starting point for the Social Startup Pitch is the fundamental belief that cultural education can open doors and enable encounters on new levels.

Especially for people with a migration background or refugee experience, this offers the opportunity to participate more strongly in society. That’s why it’s so important to increase the number of successful projects in this field. However, many projects in cultural participation face limitations because they lack visibility and funding. The Social Startup Pitch can help address this and support them in scaling their work to the next level!

After the intensive preparation as part of the program, the 8 finalists will compete for a total of 100,000 euros in prize money at the pitch event in Düsseldorf on December 3rd.

In addition to the jury prizes, there is also an audience award, which will be decided by online voting. But even the participating teams that cannot win any of the four prizes will receive 5,000 euros for their work.