Teach First Deutschland

Promoting equal opportunities

Since 2012 (Main Supporter), Berlin / Germany

In Germany, the educational success of young people is still largely determined by their background. We want to change this and are committed to greater equality of opportunity. We have therefore been supporting the Teach First Deutschland education initiative since 2012. The aim is to give every child the opportunity to develop their full potential – regardless of their parents’ income and social background.

Temporary teachers help to improve performance

To achieve this, Teach First Deutschland deploys dedicated university graduates from various disciplines for two years as Fellows in schools across Germany that are in a challenging environment. These temporary teachers support pupils, help them to perform better and contribute to the targeted strengthening of personal skills.
The tasks of the temporary teachers include individual support, future and career guidance as well as preparation for intermediate and central final examinations. For example, they teach classes in teams or small groups together with the teachers. There are also learning and support opportunities such as student companies, job application training and sports courses.
After two years, the fellows continue to work as alumni from a wide range of social positions for greater educational equality and the concerns of disadvantaged pupils.
Thanks to funding from the Fritz Henkel Stiftung, around 84,000 children and young people have received support to date (as of March 2023).